Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turn Around and Make a Left

A new poll published yesterday shows that 58% of Americans have little to no confidence in President Obama's decision making ability.  Putting aside the fact I hate these kinds of polls, I do think there is something wrong with President Obama's approach: he talks a lot, and accomplishes very little.

For example, on the financial reform fight, a change that many people supported, Obama seemed to not be actively involved in pushing an agenda, or at least promoting his activities during the legislative battle.  The end result was watered-down legislation that many progressives and liberal voters do not approve of.

I am of course happy that President Obama has managed to push through health care reform and financial reform, but what I truly want is job creation.  The White House's current political strategy -- deficit reduction over job creation -- is eroding his approval ratings.  Instead of catering to people who will not vote for him anyway, the President needs to start pushing job creation and get the economy back on track.

Edited by John O'Connor