Monday, May 3, 2010

100 Posts . . . and Tom Says Nothing

Today marks a small, but important milestone for us here at Oblogatory.  Unfortunately in his post this morning, our lead author failed to recognize it.  Always one for theatrics, I now bring you, our faithful readers, Oblogatory's one hundred first post.

As Oblogatory's Editor, I can certainly say that the past 100 posts have been stimulating.  We are clearly still in the nascent stages of our development, but we are developing.  While things have slowed down over the past couple of months, I can assure you that our authors are hard at work looking for new content to respond to with our unique perspectives.

So what would I say Oblogatory is, today?  In a nutshell, Oblogatory has become an amalgam of Midwestern editorials, featuring political and sports commentary, pop culture notes, and a healthy dose of snark. And frequently, our authors' rants.

Thank you to all of you who have been reading so far.  We look forward to growing with you in the future!

- Jack


  1. Snark is a controlled substance in some parts of the world, and heavily taxed in others. Additionally, in remote lands such as Wisconsin, Snark is a term used do describe certain aquatic species that are caught for sport, or in other regions the term is used for marsh-dwelling mamals that are rapidly nearing extinction.

    *I tried to link the Wikipedia entry which details the many definitions of Snark, along with the many arguments surrounding Snarkism, but there was no such link, or entry.