Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4th Place

So the Olympics are not coming to Chicago. I can not say I am happy about it, I believe the Olympics would have brought increased revenue, new infrastructure, and promoted the City of Chicago. What bothers is me not that Chicago lost but how Chicago lost.

The IOC should be ashamed of itself for the arcane voting structure and the unclear criteria that bid cities are held to. First, what is the goal of the IOC: to have a well-executed Olympics or to spread the Olympics? These two view points are quite different and affect who will be awarded the Olympics. I understand why Brazil was awarded the Olympics, the IOC wanted to spread the Olympics. Well then why have Chicago even try to bid? First and foremost the IOC charge should be a well-run Olympics. Brazil faces a large crime issue, financial deficiencies, and lets be honest it is not in major market.

Second issue with the IOC voting is the first round. Explain to me why the representatives vote for their region? How was Chicago going to make it out of the first round, all we have is Canada and Mexico. I equate it to voting for Keith Albrecht for Archon.

Lastly, what should American cities do? I propose not trying to get the Olympics and pulling advertising money until the voting structure is changed. The IOC has no problem with our money just a problem with our cities hosting it.