Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Teddy

Legislators can have a positive contribution upon Americans. No one more resembles this ideal of helping Americans through the Federal government more than Senator Kennedy, in him lived the idea that government can help people. With Kennedy, it was always about you, the American, not about reelections or political gain.

As a liberal, Kennedy embodies to me what a public servant should be; he was never out for personal gain and would work with anyone and everyone who wanted to help people.

We have lost an American giant and somebody that WILL NEVERR be replaced. As Americans, we all have different ideologies but it is important to talk and work with each other. Republicans and Democrats must work together to pass legislation for the individual not the insurance corporations. It is a right of every American to have healthcare.

“We are all called to greater country and better world.”--Kennedy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The legislative process is difficult at best to navigate and because of this, I urge my fellow Obama supporters to not lose hope. We must trust this process and Obama. Majority of Americans want a public option and healthcare reform. We must urge our Congressmen to support a public option. Please email and call your Representative/Senator.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Republican Base

Last night I was talking to one of my cousins about the events that have been taking place at the town hall meetings. I believe this is a direct cause of whom the Republican Party represents. After the 2008 election polling data showed that Republicans had been reduced to a narrow base of ideological constituents (primarily in the South). As we entered into 2009, with Senator Specter leaving the Republican Party and several prominent moderate Republicans deciding to resign (Senator Martinez) the party began to represent a more right wing ideology.

Town Hall Individuals

The individuals who are shouting and acting without any sense of decorum at these town hall meetings are the same individuals that believe Obama is not born in America, that he is socialist, that there will be death panels, that there is a major democratic conspiracy to plant Obama in the White House with his Jewish Chief of Staff.

You ask how did I come to this conclusion, well first many of these protesters are being "coached" by the very same groups that organized the tea bagging protests in April, the racial slurs and Nazis symbols being used to attack Congressman, signs reading "Death to Obama," or how about my favorite people bringing loaded guns to a presidential rally. Not to mention at least three Democratic Congressmen have received death threats over the healthcare bills.

Defensive Republican Party

The Republican Party is using these extremists for their own game because they are good at playing the defensive game. If healthcare reform mattered to the Republicans, I would ask you why there was no movement during Regan, Bush Sr, or Bush Jr. Yet Democratic presidential victims litter the political field for trying to solve healthcare, FDR, Truman, and Clinton. Republicans are great at saying no but let us see them actually solve a problem.

Let me just remind you of a few of their accomplishments; Iraq war (still looking for the WMDs), a war in Afghanistan that was not executed correctly, one of the most severe recessions in history, and No Child Left Behind (how did that work out?).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last Saturday I attended a seminar on change and how change affects a person. What I learned from this seminar is that change is never easy, especially major change. When people do not understand change, they become fearful or lash. Nevertheless, change should happen and will happen.

Healthcare reform is a necessary step in America, with Millions of Americans without health insurance or inadequate insurance, patients dieing because of a lack of treatment of families becoming bankrupt because of health bills. We hear that Americans are happy with their insurance. Well of course they are it is better then no insurance. However, I ask what choice does an American have in shopping for insurance. Has anyone actually tried shopping for insurance with great success? My deep down feeling is any American who has been denied service or lost their insurance knows how important insurance is.

I leave this post with this thought: If no public option or single payer system, then what? Co-ops? I really do not see how this would force insurance companies to cover individuals anymore then they do now. I challenge healthcare opponents to present ideas not fists and anger.